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Perfect to Wash Trains

People often ask how much does it cost to build a Train wash bay?  Our answer is always the same!  Far less than you would expect.  Automatic train washing equipment is an investment with a very quick ROI.  Our Tower Wash, train washing system is the perfect solution for washing Trains. With the Tower Wash, washing the Buses/Trains daily becomes a reality in a cost effect and clean way. Operator stays dry while using Tower Wash. Nobody likes to work while they’re soaking wet and with the Tower Wash, they no longer have to. Wash your Transit Buses/Trains with Polyethylene Brushes which provide a gentle clean Wash. Each strand is 0.6mm; the finer the brush, the better its ability to clean fine crevasses. The cruciform shape of the strand allows a bead of soap and bead of water to sit in the crevasse for lubricity.

The Tower Wash unit can be set up as a permanent wash area where you can have a unit on each site of the track.  We also have customers who wash the train by using a single Tower Wash Unit and have staff walk the unit around the train. The Tower Wash has a small footprint. A Tower Wash unit won’t take up a lot of room in your workplace. Not only that, it’s easy to push off to the side with since it stands on high quality caster wheels.

Operator stays dry. Gone are the days in which your staff dreads washing the fleet. A dry employee is a happy employee. Expert Service & Maintenance. Our technicians have consulted on, designed, installed and maintained hundreds of wash bay and water treatment systems since 1991.

Keeping dirt and salt off your Trains not only make them look better, it can also save you money for paint and body work costs, extending the life cycle of your fleet. Hand operated pressure systems can damage vehicle graphics. Tower Wash soft brushes with not damage or peel graphics. It eliminates the need for those frustrating paint touch ups and make your Trains clean, visible and safe.

Why Awash?

Use less water

Our machines only use approximately 3 - 30 gallons of water per cycle. Hand washing your vehicle would use about 30-100 gallons.


How $2.00 per wash works

Includes labor, soap, yearly maintenance and 15 year life cycle (based on 10 washes/day)

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Use Less Time

You can have a vehicle fully washed on average in as little as 2 minutes. You know what they say - time is money


“When looking for ways to save money, we found it. With our recent purchase of an ACC Eco Power Brush, no more hand washing and one less person. Saves $$$.”

Charles Beckwith, Turner Coaches

“Wash unit performs outstanding. One year of daily use in a 14 coach fleet and not one problem. Cleans very well. Extremely satisfied. Would sell a bus before I sell my washer.”

John Wilson, Crown Coach Wash

“Best washer I ever owned. Washes large school buses in 4 minutes, 1 man. What a money saver on labour and water. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THIS GREAT WASHER. I LOVE IT!”

William Ing, Durhamway Bus Lines

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Stay Dry

Cost Less

Commercial train wash systems can be a little intimidating when trying to sort out the best train washing equipment manufacturer for your needs. Let us help you sort through the noise.

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