The Vehicle Wash Valet system can help Car Rental Centers wash cars more efficiently and with a better polished result – in less than 2 minutes with only 3 gallons of water and only an ounce of soap!


  • Customers – a clean vehicle will keep them loyal as a “Customer for Life”
  • Staff – an easy, efficient tool to ensure consistent washing every time
  • Staff – a wash that allows the team member to wash the first and last vehicle safely and keep them dry and motivated

  • Attract existing or potential customers to your car rental locations with guaranteed clean vehicles washed every time
  • Clean image increases customer care when you can guarantee a great looking car

Another great benefit of keeping the cars in your car rental facility clean is the ability to instantly notice any blemishes, which must be treated quickly to avoid further damage.

Learn more about truck, auto, school bus, motorcoach, EMS and RV vehicle washing solutions today.

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  • Improves Customer Relations
  • Clean Vehicles Reduce Invoice Issues
  • Improves Opportunity For Great Referrals
  • Versatile To Set Up In Any Area, Inside or Outside
  • Wash Personnel Do Not Get Wet – Any Staff Member Can Wash
    • Use The Same Wash Personnel To Shuttle Vehicles
  • Fits In Most Wash Bays With No Structural Changes Required


  • Foam Brushes Provide Gentle Clean Wash with a Great Polish
  • Wash & Rinse A Car In Less than 2 Minutes
  • Water Usage – Only 3 Gallons Per Cycle
    • 1 Gallon Per Wash & 2 Gallons Per Rinse
  • Each Wash Uses Less Than 1 Ounce Of Soap
    • Direct Metered Wash System Runs On Water Pressure Only
  • Small Footprint – Only 12 Sq. Ft.
    • Washes In Areas As Small As 3 Feet Circumference Around Vehicle
    • Rest In Corner When Not Needed For Versatile Work Area
  • Unique Overhead System To Hold Soap & Water Hose With Electrical Cords
    • Ease of Use With Cable, Track Or Boon Systems
    • Safe & Free Of Clutter
    • Extends Life Of Hoses & Cords
  • One Day Convenient Installation
  • Ability To Hook Up To Soft Water, Reverse Osmosis, Or Rinse Dry Applications
  • Vehicle Wash Valet Tilts To Embrace All Vehicle Shapes



  • 7 or 8 ft Height Standard With Custom Options
  • 32 Inch x 40 Inch Base With Sealed Casters
  • Durable Life Brushes Rated For Over 40,000 Washes
  • Full Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Weight 330 lbs (150 kgs)
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty (With 5 Year Option)
  • Non–Marking Guide Wheels
  • Automatic Water & Control Valves
  • Brass Nozzles On Steel Spray Pipes
  • Heavy Duty Water Approved Motor/Gearbox Assembly
  • 110 Volt Electrical Plug
  • Water Activated Tilt Mechanism
  • Single Person Operation


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