Awash Vehicle Valet perfectly cleans difficult areas often missed by hand washing or automatic wash systems, like window corners and the area around the lights on the back. When cleaning ambulances and vans by hand, it’s difficult to clean emergency lights. With a hand operated pressure system, you are aiming the water spray directly into the electronics, potentially causing extensive damage.


  • Customers – a clean image for the public and employees
  • Staff – an easy, efficient tool to ensure consistent washing every time
  • Staff – stays dry and clean, no physical effort required
  • Minimal structural changes required, only a water line and an electric plug
  • Take pride in your spotless fleet
  • Ability to instantly notice any blemishes, which must be treated quickly to avoid further damage.
  • Easily clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Make your windows shine without chemicals
  • Preserve vehicle graphics and electronics


Protect Your Investment:

Keeping dirt and salt off your vans and SUV’s not only makes them look better, it also can save you up to money for your paint and bodywork costs, extending the life cycle of your fleet. Hand operated pressure systems can damage vehicle graphics; Awash soft brushes will not damage or peel graphics, and eliminate the need for frustrating paint touch-ups.

The growing height, window size and graphics on transit vehicles makes them increasingly difficult to clean by hand. It’s hard to get sufficient pressure using a hand-brush on high windows and lights.

Tilt Mechanism:

The unique tilt system (activated by water pressure only) allows the Vehicle Wash Valet to clean past the roof edge, ending streaks caused by dew/water runoff.

Learn more about Tower Wash Systems: truck, auto, motorcoach, ambulance and RV vehicle washing solutions.

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  • Improves Service Customer Relations
  • Clean Vehicles Reduce Invoice Issues
  • Improves Opportunity For Increased Sales Of Dealership Products & Services
  • Versatile To Set Up In Any Area, Inside or Outside
  • Mechanics Bay – Car Is Immediately Ready To Wash From Drop Off The Hoist
  • Wash Personnel Do Not Get Wet – Any Staff Member Can Wash
    • Use The Same Wash Personnel To Shuttle Vehicles
  • Fits In Most Wash Bays With No Structural Changes Required
  • Make Every Day “Customer Appreciation Day”
    • Charity Car Washes Replaces Balloon Day
    • New Car Customer – Wash For Life – Is Now Possible


  • Foam Brushes Provide Gentle Clean Wash with a Great Polish (optional – life of 40,000 washes)
  • Wash & Rinse An EMS Vehicle In Less than 5 Minutes
  • Water Usage – Only 5 Gallons Per Cycle
    • 2 Gallon Per Wash & 3 Gallons Per Rinse
  • Each Wash Uses Only 1 Ounce Of Soap Per Minute
    • Direct Metered Wash System Runs On Water Pressure Only
  • Small Footprint – Only 12-16 Sq. Ft.
    • Washes In Areas As Small As 3 Feet Circumference Around Vehicle
    • Rest In Corner When Not Needed For Versatile Work Area
  • Unique Overhead System To Hold Soap & Water Hose With Electrical Cords
    • Ease of Use With Cable Or Track Systems
    • Safe & Free Of Clutter
    • Extends Life Of Hoses & Cords
  • One Day Convenient Installation
  • Ability To Hook Up To Soft Water, Reverse Osmosis, Or Rinse Dry Applications
  • Tower Wash Machine Tilts To Embrace All Vehicle Shapes



  • 8’, 9’ or 10’6” Height Standard With Custom Options
  • 32 Inch x 40 Inch Base With Sealed Casters
  • Durable Polyethylene Brushes Rated For Over 15,000 Washes (optional foam brushes)
  • Weight 500-600 lbs (220-300 kgs)
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty (With 5 Year Option)
  • Non–Marking Guide Wheels
  • Automatic Water & Control Valves
  • Metered Injected Soap System Options (never measure soap again)
  • Brass Nozzles On Steel Spray Pipes
  • Heavy Duty Water Approved Motor/Gearbox Assembly
  • 110Volt or 220 Volt Electrical Plug (single or 3 phase)
  • Water Activated Tilt Mechanism
  • Single Person Operation


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