If you own a car dealership or work in the independent service repair market, you are likely looking for the fastest, most economical and convenient way to clean and maintain your vehicles.

The Vehicle Wash Valet is it.

Equipped with all of the same features as our industry leading Bus, Coach, EMS and Truck Tower Wash systems that have been on the market for over 25 years, the Vehicle Wash Valet will revolutionize the way you wash vehicles.

Fast and easy to use, our single person operated system saves on water, soap and electricity. Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned in less than 2 minutes, using just 3 gallons of water to wash and rinse.

The Vehicle Wash Valet is custom designed to your specific location and can be installed in under 24 hours. It also comes complete with a standard 2 year warranty, with the option to upgrade to 5.

Clients throughout North America are having great success with the Vehicle Wash Valet! Find out what dealerships and service repair professionals have to say about this great wash system firsthand.

Watch the video below to see the Vehicle Wash Valet in action! If you have any questions contact us or email your inquiry to info@awashsystems.com.


  • Easy To Use, Operate and Maintain
  • Uses 3 Gallons Of Water To Wash and Rinse
  • Washes Vehicles In Less Than 2 Minutes
  • Saves On Water, Soap and Electricity
  • Single Person Operation Reduces Manpower
  • Reduce Time Spent Scrubbing Vehicle Surfaces
  • Small Footprint (32’ x 40’)


  • Soft Foam Brushes
  • Complete Shield, Brush & Water Spray Tilting
  • Non-Marking Guide Wheels
  • Water Activated Tilt Mechanism
  • Automatic Water & Control Valves
  • Heavy Duty 1.5hp 110v Motor/Gearbox Assembly
  • Brass Spray Nozzles
  • Steel Spray Pipes
  • Powder Coated, Light Weight Aluminum
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty – 5 Year Option Available




  • 8ft Standard Height
  • 32” x 40” Base
  • Weight 330lbs (150kgs)
  • Custom Designed Overhead Hose System With Hose/Cord Holders
  • Less Than 1oz of Soap Per Wash
  • Custom Designed For Customer’s Location


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