Awash experts are available to build your wash bays, start to finish; and install and maintain your PowerbrusH2O system. Our technicians have consulted on, designed, installed and maintained thousands of wash bay and water treatment systems since 1991. We are the unparalleled experts at building safe, efficient, long lasting eco wash systems.

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Our expert team is available to consult on, design and build a wash system that meets all your wash bay needs. Our experts have been building multi-purpose wash bays since 1991, including curtain walls and waste water treatment for all your washing requirements.

Ask our experts for advice and a quote on a system that will minimize your expenses and maximize your abilities to maintain a wash bay and a service bay at the same time.

Preventive Maintenance:

The Awash Preventive Maintenance Program is comprised of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures of the PowerbrusH2O. The primary goal is to prevent the failure of wash equipment before it actually occurs.

The program is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include equipment checks, partial or complete replacement of specified parts, and cleaning. In addition, we record equipment deterioration so you know to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure.

Our experienced technicians inspect and diagnose your system for accurate and effective equipment maintenance.

Value of Preventive Maintenance:

Understanding the cost of downtime and repairs when equipment failure occurs, results in long-term benefits and savings and increased system effectiveness and service life.

Long-Term Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Include:

  • Improved Wash System Reliability
  • Decreased Cost Of Replacement
  • Decreased System Downtime
  • Better Spares Inventory Management
  • Decreased Costs For Back-Up Cleaning Systems & Labour

Long-term effects and cost comparisons almost always favor preventive maintenance over performing maintenance actions only when the system fails.

Why Does Preventive Maintenance Make Sense?

Preventive maintenance is a logical choice because the costs of correction actions are almost always more if you wait for equipment failure than if you act proactively. The costs for downtime, contingent cleaning actions and associated labor costs far outweigh the cost of preventive maintenance.

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Preventive Maintenance Videos

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