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You’ve made it this far. Now let’s show you this short video where we will show you how to measure your brushes.

Now that you have measured the brushes check this chart to see if you need to take steps to replace the brushes.

Brush LengthSteps You Need To Take
16 InchesNothing at all!  Your brushes are barely used.
15.5 InchesBrushes are in good shape.  No Action Needed.
 15 InchesYou are half way through your brushes life. Time to plan ahead.
14.5 InchesYour brushes are due to be replaced now.  Help preserve your motor. Call Now!
14 InchesYour machine is at risk. Further use without changing your brushes could result in a Motor Failure

To learn more about maintenance on your Awash Machine please connect with us and we will get you all you need to know to keep your machine operating at peak efficiency.

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