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When looking for ways to save money, we found it. With our recent purchase of an ACC Eco Power Brush, no more hand washing and one less person. Saves $$$.
Charles Beckwith, Turner Coaches
We have operated our ACC Eco-Power Brush for ten years and have experienced “0” zero days of downtime, zero workers compensation claims regarding its use and an average of $400.00 has been spent on routine maintenance annually. I wish motor coaches were that reliable.
Dave Bolen, New World Tours
We own 3 machines. All of them work flawlessly & require virtually no maintenance.
Rick Hillard, Tri State Travel
I attended the Expo in Charlotte several years ago to review and purchase an automated bus washer. Instead, Martin convinced me to have him demo the ACC unit. When he demo’d the unit we purchased immediately. That same unit is in service today washing almost 5,000 buses per year. We are now adding a 2nd wash bay and will purchase another ACC Eco-Power Brush soon.
David R. Brown, Holiday Tours
Our Eco Brush has been trouble free for 7½ years of ownership. We wash 18 Coaches after every trip and our brush has never failed us – Great Product.
Charles Hill, Heartland Motor Coach
We have had our ACC Power Brush for going on 7 years, and we think it’s great! Simple and easy to use – you do not have to spend a lot of time training someone to use it, and just about anyone can use it. It is that easy! It works great for us and ours is in use everyday.
Gary Agnes, Ramblin Express
Wash unit performs outstanding. One year of daily use in a 14 coach fleet and not one problem. Cleans very well. Extremely satisfied. Would sell a bus before I sell my washer.
John Wilson, Crown Coach Wash
The equipment I purchased from you over four years ago has paid for itself many times over. Our bus washing machine has washed over 4000 buses with no maintenance at all. We have used this equipment seven days a week and the only problem we experienced was the light bulb for the on position burned out. It is one of the best machines I have ever used and the two young ladies who operated the equipment for the majority of the time it was used – never complained about it.
James D. Bryant, Trinity Bus Service
I bought a new power brush in 1993 and we have been using it just about every day since then. It has been one of the best investments that I have ever made as it has worked for 12 years with very few parts needed to keep it going. I would recommend the power wash to anyone that has a fleet of buses to keep clean.
Joseph H. Cyr, John T. Cyr & Sons, Inc.
We are using the ACC Eco-Power Brush in seven of our shops. They have been trouble free and our cleaning staff likes how they operate. This is the fastest and most efficient way to clean our fleet.
Allen Lamers, Lamers Bus Lines Inc.
Brown Coach has been using the ACC Eco-Power Brush for over 5 years. During that period the brushes have been virtually trouble free. Any parts, service, or support needs we have had, have been promptly taken care of by ACC International. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
Stephen Brown, Brown Coach, Inc.
Great! Don’t be without. Best in business.
Lee Hilliard, Royal Tours (NC)
Since we started using the ACC Eco-Power Brush wash system we have seen a 40% decrease in the time it takes to clean a coach. We have also seen a dramatic decrease in the water usage. Since using the bus wash our coaches have never looked as nice as they do now.
Donald Burridge, Cavalier Coach Corp.
The ACC system has saved us uncountable hours of cleaning time and does a better job than hand washing.
Rusty Grudier, Brewster Travel
Has run perfectly!
Tim Heinze, Lake Crystal Coaches
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your product. Ease of operation and the promise of low maintenance sold us on your product to begin with. Since purchasing our first ACC Eco-Power Brush we’ve purchased two more for our other terminals. You’ve more than exceeded our expectations as far as the product as well as service.
Magda Dimmendaal, Dousman Transport
We are very happy with the ACC Eco-Power Brush. We have had the power brush installed for over 1 ½ hears and utilize it on the average of 3 days per week. Our fleet consists of 80 school buses and having the power brush has enabled us to keep our buses much cleaner than before. We have had one switch broken off … I contacted your company and a new switch was sent out immediately. We have not had to replace any of the brushes as yet, but assume that may be necessary sometime in the future. I believe that the purchase of your product was a good investment and we are very pleased with the performance.
James L. Bonfield, Duneland School Corporation
Best washer I ever owned. Washes large school buses in 4 minutes, 1 man. What a money saver on labour and water. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THIS GREAT WASHER. I LOVE IT!
William Ing, Durhamway Bus Lines
Excellent way to wash buses – very low maintenance and easy to use. Individuals washing buses stay dry as promised.
Jack Williams, Chippewa Hills School District
The Power Brush is a great idea well executed. We don’t use the brush nearly as much as we would like for several logistical reasons but when we do use it, it does exactly what it is designed to do. We are working to make our set-up more practical for more regular use of the rig. I really like it, and wish I had more experience to relate! I recommended it to a neighboring school district – I hope they are your customer!
Bitsy Lamb, University of Michigan
The best investment I have ever made in 30+ years in the bus business. We do 45 foot Prevost, school buses, and my own Cadillac ESV. In eight years we have replaced the brushes once and the wheels once as well.
Bill Dufour, Dufour Tours, Inc.
Procurring the Eco-Power Brush was one of the smartest things I have done. The office staff was great to work with, the installation was effortless and extremely professional. The wash jobs on the buses are better than ever. It’s a breeze to use. The system is wearing very well even with the number of washes we do per week.
Cameron McRae, Nye County School District
Upon using the Eco-Power Brush now for 3 years I wouldn’t be without it. We have had no problems with it and we use it continuously every day.
Melvin L. Ladson, Dakota Trailways
In 2005 we built a new transportation facility and washbay. Of all the equipment we purchased to outfit the new facilities, the ACC Eco-Power Brush was our wisest purchase. In addition to the significant cost savings and maintenance free operation, the power wash is a huge hit with our drivers. They enjoy its ease of use and the reduced time it takes to wash their buses. I have, and will continue, to recommend and demo the Power Brush to fleet managers.
Richard Casey, Bellevue Public Schools
We are currently operating a fleet of 75 vehicles and have used the power brush for the past 15 years. The power brush was one of the first purchases we made for our new building in 1991. Since that time we have only required minor maintenance twice. Being in the country, the amount of water required for one bus has proven to be very friendly to our well and septic system. I would highly recommend the ACC Eco-Power Brush to anyone thinking of purchasing this type of vehicle wash system.
Gord Booth, M.L. Bradley Ltd.
We have been extremely pleased with our bus washer. The results were exactly what we hoped to achieve and as promised! Our fleet has never looked better and the staff is very pleased with it’s ease in handling and operation.
Pam Ward, Ottumwa Transit Authority
Saves maintenance costs through efficiency of man hours. No problems.
Steven Allen, City of Wilsonville / SMART
Great machine. Easy to use and trouble free.
Dan Holter, Rochester City Bus Lines
TAPS has had the ACC Eco-Power Brush for several years. It has only been repaired twice, and they were minor repairs. We use it every day and it saves us hours of labor time. We wouldn’t use any other method.
Fred Lessly, TAPS Public Transit
Very good system, cost savings.
Gary Kitchin, Paducah Transit Authority
When I was first looking at the Powerbrush I was told “All it does is work” He was right!
David Allen, University of Maryland
The ACC Eco-Power Brush is a very good system. It keeps our bus fleet looking great! We have both small and large buses…I would give it a A+ rating.
Jim Groh, Charlevoix County Transit
We appreciate and enjoy our machine. We have a fleet of approximately 28 vehicles. With this washing machine the entire top to bottom can be washed in about 20 minutes rather than having to drag a ladder around and do it manually. Thanks for the continued customer support from your company. You always respond promptly and with a smile!
Debra Rains, Morgan Country Area Transportation System (MCATS)
We’ve had our Eco Brush for two years and have had “0” problems. It has been a great timesaver for us, cutting our wash time down by ¾. Great for those messy days when a bus comes in at lunch. They are washed in 5-10 minutes and go back out looking like it’s been a nice day outside.
Jim Sherwood, Branch Area Transit Authority
The ACC Eco-Power Brush is a very simple, durable machine. We are very happy with ours. In a year and a half we have had not one problem. Not one! We would be happy to recommend it to others.
Bruce L. McCaw, Walla Walla Valley Transit
Very satisfied, we have used it since January 2003, and have not had any problems.
Randy Bell, Bob's Pickup & Delivery
This is an excellent machine. Very easy to handle and low maintenance. My trailers never leave the yard dirty, which would not happen without this washer.
John Korman, Eickhoff Enterprises
We’ve had the machine for nine years, washing 40 trailers per week and have had no trouble with it. We are very satisfied!
Alan A. Laufer, Laufer Trucking, Inc.
I have worked in the trucking business for the past 35 years and have done every job imaginable. The job I hated most was washing trailers with a bucket of soap, water, and a brush. The moment I saw the Eco-Power Brush demonstrated I knew we needed one. Martin, there are certain products in the trucking business that sell themselves and I believe your Eco-Power Brush is one of those. If you ever see one of our 150 Reefer trailers on the road dirty, call me.
Jerry Morehouse Jr., W.N. Morehouse Truck Line, Inc.
ACC has produced a machine that not only improved our wash efficiency on trailers, but also cut labor costs. Their machine is backed by an experienced and dedicated support staff, who have helped us achieve our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
Kent Moore, XVIII Wheeler Truck Washes
In September 2004 we purchased the Eco-Power Brush and it’s one of the best investments we have made. We haven’t had a single problem with the machine or complaints that units weren’t washed properly. Compared to manual cleaning the Eco-Power Brush has improved our productivity immensely, washing time has been cut by two-thirds. I can’t say enough about the Eco-Power Brush, as our company image is very important to us. Our fleet is a moving advertisement and if the truck and trailer look good so does our image.
Daren Novak, J & R Hall Transport