Our Brushes

The Awash standard brush is polyethelene. Each strand is 0.6mm; the finer the brush, the better its ability to clean fine crevasses. The cruciform shape of the strand allows a bead of soap and bead of water to sit in the crevasse for lubricity.

A new Awash polyethylene brush

Cross section demonstration of a brush strand with a bead of water and soap

Maintaining the brushes is important

Polyethelene brushes last 10,000 to 15,000 washes or 5 years; once the cruciform wears out, the strand loses lubricity. A simple test of brush replacement is to measure existing from shaft to ends. A new brush is 16” long. Flagged ends offer a better finish for the final clean. Short brushes cause strain & stress on the motor or gearbox, leading to possible burn-out.

Time for a new brush?

New brushes measuring 16 inches

The stands on a new brush will measure 16 inches.

The stands on a new brush will have flagged ends.

A worn brush may have flat ends on the strands.

A worn brush may also have curled ends on the strands.

Ordering New Brushes

We have multiple colors and styles available and can customize your brushes to your needs in either color or thickness.

Contact your Awash Expert for more details.